Runner's Feat

What do we engrave?

We engrave your medals from the race you completed. We also engrave medals from previous races. Bring us previous medals before the race to get them engraved. Make sure that you have what you want engraved written down, printed clearly, and attached to the lanyard of your medal. We also do dog tags.

What if I want my medal engraved but I can’t meet you in person?

There are a few options. You can ship it to us, let us engrave it, and we’ll ship it back to you. You can wait until we are in your area again and get your medal engraved then. If neither of those options sound good to you, we can engrave and ship a special plate that you can insert into your medal.

What is the process to get something engraved?

Shipping an item to us: Once we get an authorization to engrave, we will offer you a prepay option for shipping. If you choose to prepay for shipping, we will send you a shipping label. Once we receive your item(s), it will take about a week to engrave and ship them back to you.

Meeting us at a race: Bring your item(s) to us before the race. Make sure to have what you want engraved printed clearly on a piece of paper, and attach it to the lanyard. We can engrave items after the race but it may take a bit longer.

Ordering a special plate: Once we receive your request for a special plate to insert into your medal, we will send you a quote. After the item is paid for, we will engrave your special plate, and ship it to you.

Where is our next event?

Check out the list of our upcoming events on our About page. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

What other things do we offer?

We make pens. Check out our pen tab and request form. We also offer stickers for various races, beads, necklaces, and other jewelry.

How much does it cost to have an item engraved?

Our standard rate is $10.